Omakase Lab – P&R Orphan Drugs (2012-2018)

//Omakase Lab – P&R Orphan Drugs (2012-2018)

Omakase Lab – P&R Orphan Drugs (2012-2018)

Omakase is delighted to share with you the Executive Summary of the updated version of “Omakase Lab 1 2018 – P&R Orphan Drugs (2012-2016)”, in which we have updated and analysed the criteria driving P&R decisions for Orphan Drugs (ODs) approved by the European Commission and authorised in Spain between 2012 & 2018.

A new and full report analysing ODs authorised up to December 2019, including drug cost information, will be available in January 2020. So, stay tuned!

Download the Executive Summary here: ODs Report 2012-2018 Final – Executive Summary



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